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Hencon Forestry specialises in constructing machines that are used in the agricultural sector, the construction sector, for composting and with the water boards. We have various machines for landscape maintenance, each with a wide range of accessories and parts. This equipment can be tailored entirely to your requirements.

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Hencon Forestry has developed a wide range of machinery for landscape maintenance. This is reliable and high quality machinery. You can also contact Hencon Forestry for maintenance to your equipment. Our experts are at your service.

Dutch Dragon

Professional forest and landscaping equipment


Under the brand name Dutch Dragon, Hencon Forestry has developed a series of machines for collecting, chipping and grinding trees and forest residues. Through our years of experience with forestry equipment, we at Hencon Forestry know what really matters: quality and capacity at the lowest possible maintenance and processing costs.

This is evident from among others our wood chippers: compact, robust machines that feel at home on any terrain. The Dutch Dragon's high speed chipping drum can chip and eject in one flowing movement without the use of extra jacks or ejector wheel. Any questions about Dutch Dragon products? We will be glad to provide you with information.