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Bioenergy use has risen significantly in the past few years. Under the brand name Axsel, Hencon Forestry has developed a series of high quality machines for collecting, chipping and grinding trees and forest residues. Through our years of experience with biomass machines, we at Hencon Forestry know what really matters: quality and capacity at the lowest possible maintenance and processing costs.

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Europe wants to reduce greenhouses gas emissions by 20% before 2020. Energy from biofuels and biomass plays an important part here. The Dutch forestry and timber sector also makes a contribution. In the coming three decades, 100,000 hectares of new forest will be created in the Netherlands. The importance of forestry and biomass will continue to rise in the coming years.

Hencon Forestry would like to offer its input as a specialist in biomass machinery. The Axsel collectors, chippers and stump grinders help you to work sustainably and efficiently with low maintenance and processing costs.

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Wood residues as a source of energy, whether originating from the forest, parks or vegetation boundaries, is growing in popularity. Modern processing methods are becoming increasingly efficient at obtaining energy from wood. This is evident from among others our wood chippers: compact, robust machines that feel at home on any terrain. You can also contact Hencon Forestry for the maintenance of your forestry equipment. We will be pleased to help you and look at your specific work situation.


Tree shears, cleavers, stump shears and root rakes

Westtech is the Austrian manufacturer of WOODCRACKER tree shears, cleavers, stump shears and root rakes.

Website :  Westtech NL