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Hencon Forestry keeps on growing!


Hencon Forestry, producer of AXSEL chippers and importer of JOHN DEERE forestry machines, has invested in the further expansion of its team in order to improve efficiency and be able to provide customers with the right service and advice even faster.

As Dirk-Jan Winkelhorst, Managing Director Hencon Forestry, explains: “first and foremost, Hencon Forestry is a partner to its customers. We’re not just there for our customers when it comes to the sale and purchase of machines. It’s obviously important to buy and sell the right high-quality machine for our customer’s specific applications, but good service is essential, because downtimes that bring your operations to a standstill are always very expensive.  We are also being contacted by an increasing number of German customers, so our company has grown significantly in size. This expansion is certainly not before time.”

Hencon Forestry has recently taken on no fewer than 5 new specialists in its workshop, taking the total number of service engineers to 10.  We have also recruited an additional Parts Manager and a Technical Support associate.

This will enable us to continue to provide all our international AXSEL chipper customers and our JOHN DEERE Forestry customers in the Netherlands and specific areas of Germany with the service Hencon Forestry is known for.


Closer collaboration with RH Techniek

Another extremely positive development is the closer collaboration with RH Techniek – previously known as Van de Gevel – in Maarheeze. Owners Ronnie Schepens and Hugo Akkermans have established an extremely modern company with a new name and new premises at a new location. For the past 3 years, RH Techniek has been officially sub-dealer of John Deere forestry machines under the flag of Hencon Forestry. Prior to this, they had been carrying out maintenance on John Deere forestry machines unofficially for many years, so the company already had the knowledge required in-house.


The difference between then and now is that, today, RH Techniek has direct access to John Deere’s systems, allowing it to provide its customers with an even faster service. RH Techniek employees now also receive training from Hencon Forestry and John Deere on specific John Deere machines, ensuring that the best possible service can be provided in the Southern Netherlands. Its location in Maarheeze means that RH Techniek can provide customers in the Southern Netherlands as well as the Flemish Region of Belgium and, if desired, even parts of Germany (Aachen and the Eifel and Mosel areas) with a wide range of support services without delay.

RH Techniek services, in their area of response,  John Deere forestry machines while Hencon Forestry remains in charge of selling John Deere forestry machines and also offers technical support in this area.



First delivery of a John Deere 1110G

RH Techniek had the honour of delivering the first new John Deere 1110G to Meulendijks Rondhout BV from its new location in the middle of September . The machine had been prepared for delivery by RH Techniek in line with the customer’s precise requirements, allowing the closer collaboration between the companies to get off to a great start at a new location for RH Techniek.







Dear Customers, Suppliers


At Hencon Forestry we follow the situation around COVID-19 thoroughly.

In line with our commitment to the health and safety of our workforce and business continuity, Hencon Forestry is taking proactive and prudent measures in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  In line with this we have taken measurements to ensure that Hencon Forestry products, ordered by you will be produced and shipped as agreed.

Regarding our technical service, we are looking at possibilities to join forces with companies in those areas where we are not able to travel to at the moment. This in order to realize a timely commissioning of your John Deere or Axsel machine. We will keep you updated on this.

In the meantime we regret to inform you that, for the time being, for health safety reasons it is only possible to visit Hencon Forestry after making an appointment. We would like to reduce the number visits to an absolute minimum. This in order to reduce any possible spreading of the COVID-19 virus. This also applies for collecting parts at Hencon Forestry,

We will maintain an open and transparent approach to managing this issue and we thank you in advance for your cooperation. We will update you on Hencon Forestry’s response to COVID-19 as the situation evolves and encourage you to contact us if you have any more questions.


The Hencon Forestry team









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In-house maintenance with a multifunctional workshop. Our trained mechanics each have specific expertise in the field of hydraulics, control systems, engines and undercarriages.

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Check out our top occasions

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Hencon Forestry, producer of AXSEL chippers and importer of JOHN DEERE forestry machines, has invested in the further expansion of its team in order to improve efficiency and be able to provide customers with the right service and advice even faster.

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